Uncle crusty is a jewish catholic taliban member and leader of obama's prostitute army.

Early life and shit Edit

Krusto was the result of a failed abortion in 2016 b4.Christ caused by the urine overload from his mother's double womb.
File:Krusty 2.png

Being forced to live with a small penis he was known to have sex with the homeless and smoke soft shit on his free time.

He was recruited by isis which used him to create the tumor known as memes and infest the internet with them, shorly after he had oral sex with osama itself at a pay-whatever-you-want-fuck-as-much-as-you-can station.

Death Edit

Uncle crusty

uncle crusteeh

being a fat cunt, ordering a penile enlargement procedure, he was warned to not insert the enlarged schlong into his rectum, but he did not listen, resulting in his penis-anus combination creating an endless loop black-hole thing which shaved off his pubes and died melting to shit

i'm not funny go fuck yourself  Edit