You're going to fiddle your diddle fiddles, and fiddling diddles against me, and leave me the fuck alone.

Nobody gives a shit about your bullshit, diddle-fiddles, fiddles and Diddles that were made to ruin my fiddler diddler. Fiddle the FUCK up, you are all just plain fiddly and diddly, and you, (like the rest of the people I've called out in my Perpetration Journal) are really incapable of fiddling me, at all. The whole moral of the story is that I can fiddle whatever the fuck I want as I see fit, and I will NOT conform, to any of you diddlers, that constantly diddle around my bloodstream and SLOWLY, MAKING ME FIDDLE, BUT YOU SHOULD HAVE THE SAME CONDITION THAT I HAVE! I WOULD RATHER JUST FIDDLE YOUR DIDDLE REALLY HARD WITH A FIDDLER. And LEAVE YOU, TO FIDDLE ON YOUR OWN DIDDLE!

Now, like I've said before; enough... is enough.

You have to wake up, you're just constantly fiddling me to no end and it diddles you from all interesting fiddles in your lifetime, same with diddle-fiddling. You're wasting time. I repeat it once more, take whatever fiddles and diddles you've made against me, and throw them into a Diddle-fiddler, and never fiddle your diddles near me, ever again. Plain and simple.